Matching agents with sellers

SoldNest matches home sellers with top-quality agents with experience selling in their area. By answering a few simple questions, users would be shown three potential matches based on their answers to the previous questions.

UX Audit, Design, Strategy, Testing
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Through a UX audit, it was clear that most users were not completing the question flow to get the agent matches. And the users that did get their matches didn't reach out to the agent through the platform. We did a full UX Audit of SoldNest’s entire product and then shared a recording with a full walkthrough of the presentation and clear action points and next steps to improve the product.

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By re-designing the onboarding process and using proven UX psychology such as progressive disclosure and priming - we asked for the more sensitive information towards the end when the users could clearly see the value they would get if they provided this information. Next was designing an agent profile that gave the user all the information they needed to see if the agent was a good fit. By making the contact methods instant, this avoided the users dropping off to search for an email or mobile number, which we had already provided.

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